Top picks for learning to code online

We are in the golden age for coders. There is so much work out there and not enough talent. I learned how to code from online resources, and I want to share my goto sites with the community. These are my top picks, however there is so much more out there!

Free Sites

Coursera is amazing. It has over a hundred courses for Computer Science from top universities. They all have video lectures and course curriculum to enforce the lectures. This site will really help out with Computer Science from fundamentals to advanced topics.

Khan Academy is another great resource that is free. It started out with primarily math studies but now has a wide range of subjects, including Computer Science and Programming courses.

Free to Paid

Tuts Plus was the biggest resource for me when I was learning web development. They have a huge amount of content for programming, designing, video, audio, and much more. They have a lot of free content but most of the really good courses are a subscription fee of $15.00/month with it being cheaper if you sign up for larger periods of time. this is a great learning site, all the instructors and videos are digestible and easy to follow. This site mainly focuses on Javascript, which is a very popular language and pretty much mandatory to know, on some level, as a web developer. This site offers select free videos with a paid subscription of $19.99/month


Node Up is a programming podcast focused around node.js, which is built on to of Googles' V8 javascript engine. It's a great podcast to listen to not only for node.js topics, but also being able to listen to some of the best developers in the world talk about the industry.

Javascript Jabber is another great coding podcast focused on all things javascript. This podcast is a great resource for what technologies are standard in the industry and also upcoming javascript frameworks and libraries that are changing how we develop.